Tserisa (tailypo) wrote in ggexchange,

The e-mails have been sent!

Art is due June 30th.

I hate to say it, but this indeed may be the last round for the GG Exchange; we'll have to see how it goes. The problem is, just barely enough people signed up this time, and so it's hard to make sure everyone gets new artists and drawn by new people each time, and also, we just BARELY met the minimum to make it work. (I think four is the utter minimum I would run it with.) Also, I'm just worried people are not going to get their art at all and it's not fair. So I'll see how this round goes, then maybe post a poll towards the end. I'm not going to decide myself.

The following people did not get their art for the May round and need to be adopted. Adopters will be expected to get the volunteer art done by the deadline for June's art (June 30th). Note one person did not get their art but also did not turn in art, so I am not seeking a volunteer to do their art, unless they turn theirs in before the end of the month.

Please reply to this post if you would like to adopt these people; I've screened comments so it'll still be a surprise for them.

irisedpig: Ithildae -- Chimera [Vulture/Tiger/Horse] (Description) ADOPTED
blizzard98: Bo -- Gryphon (Description) ADOPTED
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