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The Gryphon's Guild Art Exchange [entries|friends|calendar]
Gryphon's Guild Exchange

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Roll Call: Sign-Ups Open! [25 Nov 2006|06:32am]


Visit the Common Room to sign up!
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NEW STRATEGY: December round! [25 Nov 2006|05:49am]

I'm going to try something different, for one round, to see if it'll save this community.

Instead of running the exchange on LJ, I'm going to try to do it directly on the GryphBoard. That means you who haven't been to the board in a long time will need to make a visit and post. However, I'll try to make it easy.

I'm hoping it will attract some Guilders who wouldn't otherwise participate. I'm going to do it as a one off holiday art exchange to begin with and see how it goes.

I'll make the posts and then come back here and link to them.

It will NOT take into account past matches, so you may get someone you've drawn in the past.
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Attn: Leiko! [13 Nov 2006|01:08pm]

Haaaayy. I finally finished my picture for you. *looks embarressed* When I signed up I thought I'd have about a week of free time at the end of the month to do this in ... and I really, really didn't O.O Damn silly of me not to plan for the unexpected. So, again, I'm sorry for making you wait.

Hopefully you like it, anyway. I'm about as good at making things intentionally dark and scary as I am rushing artwork, which is why the sky that was supposed to be all blood red and brooding and stuff turned into a pretty rose-petal number. Heh. And, well, Leiko's costume. Yup. Click for full size on my FA account.

Apples are nice

Um ... ta da?

I hope it's okay that I deleted my earlier post ... it was so stupid and spammy I thought it was just taking up space, really.
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Attn: Irisedpig! [06 Nov 2006|05:16pm]

Here's the real picture!

Halloween Hippogryph
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Irisedpig [06 Nov 2006|09:49am]

Well, I'm late. -_-' And Aa is on her computer doing NaNoWriMo, and hers is the computer with the scanner. Sooooo, I'm going to give you your art anyway, without a scan -- photographed by my cell phone. Heh. Just to show you it's done. It's much cuter in person.

Buckin' Hippogryph!

Tomorrow morning, when Aa is still in bed, I can scan it, and then I'll post it.

Sorry about that!

Also, would anyone like to run the GGexchange in the future? At least for now, I just can't handle it.
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Blaze [31 Oct 2006|06:11am]

Here we go:
Woulda got it done soner, but school sucked my life. Wish I coulda detailed it a tad more, I really enjoyed it.

Hope ye like her, Blaze! ^.^
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Dett [30 Oct 2006|05:53pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

here goes my entry..late, as always... but the damned fog take too much time to make... -v-

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Aydenburd! [26 Oct 2006|06:50pm]


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Psst....Tser... [19 Oct 2006|10:11pm]

What can I say? Class was boring. And I felt inspired.

Here's the art.

Obviously I got Tser.
Once again, I think, I prove my right to claim the title of 'speed artist'.
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e-mails out [17 Oct 2006|06:18pm]

I sent out the emails. Sorry they're so late! Art is due NOVEMBER 5th.

Have fun!
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October Sign Up! [04 Oct 2006|08:17pm]

As I told anyone who asked me personally, there is going to be an October Round. It is going to be Halloween Themed. It will go if we get six or more people signed up. I count for one -- that means that five other people need to sign up for this round to go.

The e-mails will be sent out on October 11th, if we have a total of six people.

Note that art will be due October 31st -- that's 20 days, which is the length of many exchanges, and plenty of time to do a GREAT piece. HOWEVER -- if you don't think you can get your art in within 20 days, don't sign up.


That said, here we go!!

LJ Username:
Valid e-mail:
Max rating of picture (G-R):
Have you read and do you agree to the rules?
Your Art Gallery URL:

Species Specifics*:
Accessories (clothing, jewelry, weapons, etc.):
Preferred Environment:
Brief History (optional):
Anything Else:
Reference Pictures (full URLS please):
Suggestions for Theme (optional):

* Component species if you are a gryphon (i.e. golden eagle fore, African lion hind); type if you are a dragon (i.e. western, or eastern, etc.); scientific name of real animals; or any other details you'd like to share.
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not dead yet!!! [22 Sep 2006|09:06pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

I don't want it to die ether so I have a challenge for you all.
hopefully you get the idea. Barn owl+ Elk/ Tree antlers+ Clysdale horse+ turkey

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No round this month. [03 Jul 2006|09:19am]

There will not be a July round for GGExchange. Maybe taking a break will drum up some participants for it, and get us all back in the mood.

Also, I don't think I should be running it, with the performance I just pulled.

So, anyone interested in being boss? Anyone got comments on whether this exchange should continue? Feedback pretty much necessary for anything to happen.
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Blaze~ [02 Jul 2006|12:14pm]

Gwah. Late. >_<

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Attn: Twix! [02 Jul 2006|02:16am]

Well, I screwed up royally. I'll post an admin message tomorrow.

I'm sorry.


On FurAffinity, because I can't seem to upload anything to my webpage. :/ Let me know if that's a problem and I'll e-mail it to you, Twix.
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Ember!! [28 Jun 2006|02:31pm]

well.. as ShittyArt is dead, i posted it in FurAffinity... hope it can be viewed trough the security measures the site has..
http://www.furaffinity.net/view/139309/ and dont worry, despite being there is totally clean and worksafe
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Blizzard! [23 Jun 2006|11:36pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

As I missed signing up for this month's round of artness, I volunteered myself to do this:

Bo for Blizzard

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SnowHuntress [04 Jun 2006|04:30pm]

Yuh, got Snow ^^ Yea...just read the description :D

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The e-mails have been sent! [01 Jun 2006|06:15pm]

Art is due June 30th.

I hate to say it, but this indeed may be the last round for the GG Exchange; we'll have to see how it goes. The problem is, just barely enough people signed up this time, and so it's hard to make sure everyone gets new artists and drawn by new people each time, and also, we just BARELY met the minimum to make it work. (I think four is the utter minimum I would run it with.) Also, I'm just worried people are not going to get their art at all and it's not fair. So I'll see how this round goes, then maybe post a poll towards the end. I'm not going to decide myself.

The following people did not get their art for the May round and need to be adopted. Adopters will be expected to get the volunteer art done by the deadline for June's art (June 30th). Note one person did not get their art but also did not turn in art, so I am not seeking a volunteer to do their art, unless they turn theirs in before the end of the month.

Please reply to this post if you would like to adopt these people; I've screened comments so it'll still be a surprise for them.

irisedpig: Ithildae -- Chimera [Vulture/Tiger/Horse] (Description) ADOPTED
blizzard98: Bo -- Gryphon (Description) ADOPTED
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[01 Jun 2006|10:43pm]

[ mood | not tired :< ]

I'm smart, and posted this in gryphon_xchange. Aren't you all glad you know someone as smart as I am? :D :D :D

Blizzard. I was trying for flag-heraldic stylisation, but I got fed up with that so it kind of looks like someone tried to kill the pop art gryphon with blood and open canvas instead.

Illucian. Sorry 'bout the puns.

I also have some colour things both of your characters in a sketchbook somewhere, and I'll send those over via email/lj/whatever when I find it. I'd throw them into this post, but it probably isn't worth stalling for a week while I tear the study apart trying to FIND the book, so.

Also, sorry about the art which is effectively kind of late.

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