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Welcome to the GryphGuild Exchange. This is a "Secret Santa" style art exchange like Gryphon Exchange, and the original, Fur Art Exchange II. The difference between this and most other exchanges is that instead of being based on a species, it is based on a community, The Gryphon's Guild.

May round currently in progress. Art is due May 31st.

griff_highwind -- 03/06, illucian (Permanent)
jensachan -- 04/06, blizzard98

Please read the following rules carefully. Violation of these rules will result in banning or not being able to participate. This community is owned by Tserisa. The rules are the way they are for a reason. There are many other exchange communities you can join if they don't suit you.

Gryphon's Guild Exchange Rules

1.) You must be a member of The Gryphon's Guild. For the purposes of this community, if you are a presence on the Board, java chat, gryphonguild, or IRC chat, you are considered a member. Former members with a history of activity are also welcome. If the moderator doesn't recognize you, then you can be vouched for by other Guild members that are recognized, whether they participate in this group or not. Lurkers who have never been active are not welcome here; de-lurk a while, then join us!

This is not meant to be elitist; it is simply because that is the only reason this community exists. There are exchanges (see list below) that only allow dragons, canines, hybrids and so on; this one just happens to be specifically for Guild members. If you aren't a Guild member, I'm sure you can find another exchange to join!

2.) You must complete a drawing for your Chosen One within the time allotted. Generally this is three weeks. The due date will be posted each month.

3.) If you do not complete the art by the due date, you will be blacklisted. I am going to be very strict about this. Excuses will be taken on a case-by-case basis; "good reasons" will not always keep you from being black-listed. Scanner / computer / tablet not working at the last minute isn't an excuse -- either you knew it wasn't working to begin with, and shouldn't have signed up, or you left your art to the last minute. Libraries, friends, Kinko's, office supply stores, etc. have scanners / computers / tablets/ etc. If you know you will be particularly busy some month, out of town, or have other projects to work on, skip signing up for that month. If you miss the due date, you must complete the art owed by the next month's due date to be removed from the blacklist (at the discretion of the moderator). Fail to turn in art again, the blacklist is permanent.

4.) Put effort into your drawings. This community does not discriminate based on artistic skill. However, you must put time and effort into your drawings no matter your skill level. Clean line art or clean color work. If your submitted artwork doesn't seem up to your normal level, you may be warned (and possibly, if it keeps up, blacklisted). Generally, sketches are discouraged, unless they are clean and detailed and sketches are your normal art style. However, we may have sketch rounds from time to time. Don't draw on lined or graphed paper (unless it's part of the effect). Clean up your scans. Draw as you would like to be drawn.

5.) RESPECT other artists. Someone took the time to draw you a picture. Whether it's the BEST EVAH or not, acknowledge that. At least say "thank you", and no whining about what's wrong with it. Constructive crit -- if asked for -- is permitted, but please don't critique others' art without an invite first. This is a gift-art community, not an artist's critique forum. There are other places for that.

6.) The art ratings allowed in this community are G through R. No excessive gore, no sexual nudity. Keep in mind the desired rating requested by your Chosen One and do not go higher than this in your drawing.

7.) All species of characters are allowed. However, keep in mind many artists here are not comfortable drawing humans, humanoids, or human faces.

8.) You may submit any character of your own that you'd like. It is preffered the the character have some relation to the Guild -- your Guild persona, a character you RPed on the Board, or a Gryphon. However, any of your characters may be submitted for a round (one at a time of course). Do not use this community to get a stack of pictures of every character you ever invented, though. This is the Gryphon's Guild Art Exchange, and there are other places to get your other characters drawn.

9.) If you need more information or need to communicate with your Chosen One, post anonymously to their original post or character description comment. In most cases, unless LJ is acting up or they have their account set to not e-mail them, this will be a reliable way to get ahold of them without revealing your identity. If this doesn't seem to be working, e-mail me at [tserisa at gmail dot com] and I will try to get the message to them.

10.) Be detailed in your character description posts. They're called descriptions for a reason. It's important to be not only specific about markings, but also likes, dislikes, histories and so on, which will help inspire the artist. Incompletely filled out character description surveys will not be accepted.

11.) When posting your character description for a round, use full URLs, not href links, for reference pictures and other links, and do not link to old descriptions. Please repost each round whether you have posted that character before or not.

12.) Please put art behind a cut so that it doesn't spam people's friends lists. Small (both in file size and pixels) clickable thumbnails are okay.

13.) This community is limited to visual artists and is a visual art exchange. This can be 2D or 3D art -- drawings, paintings, multimedia, sculpture, textile, cut paper, computer, traditional, etc. Though these rules refer to "drawings", any visual art is allowed (take clear, clean photos of the art, please). At this time, we do not allow writers. However, if there proves to be enough interest, another community for written exchange, or written exchange rounds, may be introduced.

14.) Suggesting a theme in your description is optional, and it is optional for your Chosen Artist to follow it. However, during Themed Rounds, the theme is not optional. Some months, there will be an assigned them, such as holiday, lyrics, species swap, etc. During these months, your picture must relate to the theme. This keeps it fair for people who are putting effort into the art! Often, themes will be decided by polls.

15.) Please post images behind a cut. Some people still use dial-up or slow connections, or have narrower LJ formats.

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